Just A Card

This Valentine’s Day, give a card that says what you really feel… {shop}


All cards are hand-written/illustrated and have the option of coming with an added paper heart or a wooden clip on heart.



They’re creepy and they’re kooky…


I bought a dress the other day that accidentally screams Wednesday Addams, so that’s my halloween costume sorted. It also inspired this image which is of course available on my redbubble account.

Halloween is almost upon us!!! Yey!

Knit another pun!


Expect lots of crafting puns in my next few illustrations. I am embroiled in a sewing frenzy and I want to merge the two.

Also currently influencing me is the 90s, grunge, graffiti and piiiiink!

And if you fancy having this piece of work on yourself somewhere then feel free to make a purchase over at my RedBubble account.

Popova for Tea!

Sometimes I wake up and know instinctively it’s going to be a drawing day.

Today was one of those days. I was also watching some System of a Down videos and noticed how some of the cinematography reflected work by the Russian artist Rodchenko. The video for ‘Lonely Day’ in particular has some interesting shots of city structures and windows which reminded me of this kind of picture:

66-480x332 rodchenko-25

(Excuse my lack of knowledge of the title of these photographs please. This was a google search thing.)

From there I went automatically to his contemporary Lyubov Popova who also used geometric shapes in her art. This picture in particular struck a chord with me:


Source: Russianpaintings.net

Painterly Architectonic (1917)

I love the muted colours and layering. There is also a certain texture to the painting that reminded me of old pasted up posters.

Recently I’ve started a project working on tea-towel designs, still at the throwing around ideas stage, but I’d been meaning to come up with something tangible for a while. This was all the design inspiration I needed and after a little playing about in illustrator I came up with the ‘Popova for Tea!’ design!


I’ve used the same colour palette and shapes and added some scanned in paper as background texture. Before taking it a step further and adding some text.


The finished result is a little Russian avant-guarde and a little bit ‘Fallout’ video game with a lot of retro-chic.

I’ve decided to put this online on my RedBubble account to see how successful it is as a design. (I think it works especially well on the travel mugs.) I think I’m going to start a Thiebaud ‘cakes’ one next!

Days off mean practice.

because practice can sometimes make perfect.

As I said before, days off come few and far between (though I do get more than most people I admit), so if I do take the chance to sit down with the laptop and illustrator open, it’s usually just a muck-about session.

Today I was asked if I could illustrate Roman Reigns of the WWE and so I gave it a shot…


And then I had a play with pin-up vintage. I am pretty useless at drawing with a tablet. There’s something easier for me if I pencil it out first, so I tried it the tricky way today.


I really need hours and hours using this wacom thing to get fully to grips with it, but it’s been a fun couple of projects.

Etsy Adventures – The Beach ‘Picnic’ Bag

Today I had a lovely time playing with my sewing machine and finishing off an old project!

I had started to make a canvas bag a while ago and as it was a first attempt it went rather wrong. Well, I kept it anyway and reworked a lot of it today which meant cutting off some dodgy old handles I’d added, and formulating how to add edging, new handles and a button clasp.

Et voila!

photo (7)

What I like to call the ‘picnic bag’ because of it’s stripey-beach look, slouch-ability and rather odd oblong shape. The lovely striped detailing has been created from an old fabric my grandmother gave to me and it works so beautifully as a feature without detracting from the simplicity and minimalist style.

I’m actually setting up an Etsy shop right now and this is the first hand-made product to feature on it! So if you REALLY like this and would like to own it then check it out here: BEACH BAG. Or if you would like to check out my shop in the future (as there will be lots more unique items to come!) then feel free to bookmark this link here: ETSY SHOP.

It’s been a fun stop at rojopo.co.uk. Hope you are all fine and dandy!

Tea-time for a bit of fun.

I’m currently really really into sewing as I received my first ever sewing machine at Christmas and don’t want to part from the thing, but I still draw on the side too, mostly when I think of something fun to create.

Recently my passion lies in underwear and burlesque as I’ve always been up for a flirt with the vintage pin-up aesthetic and women with unashamed confidence.


This design pun cropped up when I was thinking about creating some packaging (just to expand my portfolio) and I was admiring all the different packaging for teas, there are some beautiful and unusual designs. But my favourite design was one which I had cut-out  specifically from a box containing teabags and taped to my ‘inspiration’ wall at home (and then at uni), I loved it that much. I can’t for the life of me remember the brand now, but I’ll always remember the image of that little cupcake with legs.

And Relax…


Being freelance and having bills to pay can be so hard! Currently I’m working part-time and it’s meant sacrificing time spent getting creative or blogging. Whenever I can reserve a few moments I like to do a little doodle here and there, but I miss sharing Tuesday Museday posts and networking.

Even this entry has to be a quick one today so I’m just going to share some small but good news. In the past two days, two lovely people from out there in the universe purchased items from my RedBubble account. If you haven’t heard of RedBubble it’s a place where creatives can materialise their designs and score a little bit of the profit without having to lift too much of a finger, in other words, a godsend!

Those two beautiful people bought a t-shirt and stickers making me a grand total of about £2.50, which is lovely, but the best bit is the feeling of selling my artwork to people who have never met me and aren’t at all biased. I just want to say a big thank you to those people, it has nudged my confidence in my work in the right direction, something that has been much needed of late.

I also managed to post a few more designs up there recently, if you’d like to check them out, just follow this link: http://www.redbubble.com/people/robynjp/shop.

I hope everyone out there has had a spooky halloween and is currently enjoying bonfire night (if you celebrate it), though I am slightly in hiding as fireworks can be a bit scary (if you’re a cowardy custard like me)!